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Free with card Save 90 NOK
Free with card Save 90 NOK

Museum of Oslo

The Museum of Oslo consists of four different museums included in the Oslo Card. They paint the picture of Oslo from many different angles, and the exhibitions range from the history of theatre and an extensive art collection to the intercultural city of today and the workers situation during the industrial revolution.

The City Museum, situated in Frognerparken, presents the city’s history through models, paintings and photographs. It tells the story of the city and the people who live here. The different exhibitions display all types of objects that highlights the history of Oslo: photographs, art, objects, books and films. The collections contain everyday objects and an extensive art collection. Be sure to use the free audio guide "1,000 years in 20 minutes" in 8 different languages including Norwegian and English.

Don’t miss the family activity "The City Detective" recommended for children ages 5-12. The goal is to find ten historic stations in the exhibition OsLove – City History for Beginners. A great way to see the museum from different angles, and best of all, all participants get a prize.

A diverse theatre history

The Theatre Museum presents Oslo´s exciting theatre life and diverse history. The exhibition “In the limelight” invites you to experience highlights of the theatre history through a selection of photos and original costumes for influential actors and dancers.

Four museums in one

Two more museums are part of Museum of Oslo, and are free to visit. The Labour Museum poses the question “Under what conditions did the factory workers live during the industrial revolution? The Intercultural Museum explores Norway’s immigration history and cultural changes in Norwegian society. The exhibition “Typical” invites you to reflect on the difference between important matters as racism, xenophobia and bias in everyday-life.