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Admission free
Admission free

Oslo City Hall

Free guided tours

Every year over 300 000 guests visit the Oslo City Hall, famous for its history, architecture and art collection. The regular cost of admission here is free.

The City Hall is the city's administrative body and the seat of the City Council. For the art enthusiast, the Oslo City Hall is worth a visit. The building has been decorated by great Norwegian art from 1900-1950, with motifs from Norwegian history, culture and working life.

During the summer there are free guided tours, held every day at 10, 12 and 14 from June 1 to July 16. You don’t need to book, and the tours are usually held in English, but Norwegian, French, Spanish and German may be used as well, depending on tour guide. The carillon of the City Hall plays famous songs every hour from 7 to midnight.