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Free with card Save 50 NOK
Free with card Save 50 NOK

The Drammen Museum

A unique museum

The Drammen Museum is situated in beautiful surroundings in the city of Drammen, just 30 minutes from Oslo. The actual museum is located at the historic Marienlyst estate in Drammen, however, museum buildings and parks are scattered over several places throughout the city. Free admission with the Oslo Card.

The Museum of Drammen is truly one of a kind. Not only are there many different cultural-historical objects on display, but buildings, visual arts and even gardens from older and recent times are also a part of the museum.

In Marienlyst, visitors can merge into the permanent collections showcasing everything from baroque silver and textiles to church art and ceramics from the 18th century. The collection ”Scandinavian Design from 1930 to 1960” shows how the small countries of northern Europe became the trendsetters of good décor taste in many parts of the western world. The permanent gallery displays Norwegian artwork ranging from national romantic artwork to present day Scandinavian design in glass and ceramics.

In the museum park of Marienlyst you will find a country villa from the late 18th century, as well as a small collection of timber buildings from Hallingdal and the new Lyche Pavilion for temporary art and craft exhibitions. Be sure not to miss out on going for a nice walk in the historic gardens, that have been reconstructed and restored to their former glory.