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Terms & Conditions

The following terms and conditions regulate the contractual relationship between the holder ("customer") of a Oslo Card and Stromma Norge AS ("Stromma Norge"). When purchasing a Oslo Card, the customer accepts these terms and conditions.

It is the relevant attraction included in the Oslo Card that offers the service for which the Oslo Card can be used as payment. The customer therefore accepts that, while visiting this attraction, he or she is only a contractual party with the operator of the relevant attraction, and only the applicable terms and conditions for the relevant attraction will apply in connection with the visit.

The attractions included in the Oslo Card are in these terms and conditions referred to as "contractual parties" to the Oslo Card.

1. Oslo Card

The purpose of the Oslo Card is to facilitate the access to each attraction specified on the Oslo Card’ website for the selected period.

The Oslo Card is an instrument equipped with a QR code. The various attractions included in the card are committed to accepting presentation of the card as full payment to access the attraction.

The Oslo Card has a validity period which is specified in clause 5 below, and can be used within the limits of the maximum values set out in clause 6.

2. The customer

The customer is the person to whom the Oslo Card is issued.

Oslo Card is only valid for one person. The customer may however purchase cards for other persons who will then be the users of these cards. The Oslo Card cannot be resold or forwarded to others, with the exception of approved distributeres of the Stromma Norge products. Using a card as payment for access for more than one person will be considered as fraud and may be subject to legal steps.

3. The customer's rights and obligations

The customer must date his/her Oslo Card by entering the date when it is used the first time, in order for the Oslo Card to be valid. The customer can do this him/herself by writing the date on the backside of the card.

In the validity period for the Oslo Card, the customer is allowed to use the attractions offered by the contractual parties that are specified on the Oslo Cards' website.

The customer cannot claim damages for failure to use the services or if the contractual party's attraction is closed during the use period for the card.

Stromma Norge cannot be held liable for any insufficiencies in the service offered by the contractual party, including but not limited to problems related to accessibility, security-related problems or personal injuries arising during the customer's visit to an attraction included in his or her card.

Stromma Norge is not liable for traffic or weather which may affect the customer's possibility of visiting, using or enjoying an included contractual party. Customers of Stromma Norge understand and accept that visits to all contractual parties are voluntary and completely at their own risk.

Any complaints must be directed directly to the relevant contractual party.

The Oslo Card is a bearer voucher, and the customer is responsible to store his or her Oslo Card carefully.

In case of any complaints regarding purchase of the card, the customer must contact Stromma Norge directly.

4. Liability

Stromma Norge cannot be held liable for insufficiencies, damage or loss in connection with services from individual contractual parties. Any complaints or claims from the customer regarding the use of a contractual party's service can therefore only be raised with the relevant contractual party to Stromma Norge. In such case, the terms and conditions of the relevant contractual party shall apply. Stromma Norge is not liable for complaints arising during the customer's visit to the contractual party's attraction.

5. Validity

The Oslo Card is valid for one, two or three consecutive days. The card is activated the first time it is registeredby an attraction and can then be used for the number of hours specified on the card. Oslo Card has a validity period of one (1) year from the purchase date or within the validity period indicated on the card. The card is not valid after that time.

If the agreement between Oslo Card and a contractual party is terminated, the Oslo Card is not valid for that attraction.

6. Maximum values

When Oslo Card is used at the attractions, a value equal to the entrance fee will be deducted from the Oslo Card. Oslo Card has a maximum value, which means that the card can only be used up to a maximum value for the attractions used by the customer. This value is set in advance.

Maximum value for a 24-hour card is 1200 NOK, for a 48-hour card 1500 NOK and for a 72-hour card the maximum value is 2000 NOK. If the maximum value for Oslo Card is reached, the card is no longer valid for any additional use. Any unused amount will not be refunded.

7. Lost card

No compensation or repayment will be made for lost or stolen cards.

8. Right of cancellation

Stromma Norge follows (the Norwegian) Distance and Doorstep Selling Act, which means that the customer has the right to cancel the purchase for up to 14 days after the purchase date. If a customer requests to cancel a purchase, he or she must contact Stromma Norge by telephone or email no later than 14 days after purchase. The Oslo Card must in such case be returned to Stromma Norge at the address below. The buyer must pay return postage and any extra costs. Refunds will be made when your Oslo Card have been delivered to Stromma Norge.

Akershusstranda 15, 0150 Oslo

The customer may use the standard cancellation form available here.

9. Processing of personal data

Personal data that are required for purchases or inquiries, e.g. name, address, type of Card, date, time, phone number and email address, are only used for the purpose of the privacy policy described at Oslo Card' website, see https://www.oslocard.com/privacy.

10. Miscellaneous

Other agreements are only valid if made in writing.

We in Stromma Norge have endeavoured to secure the correctness of the information on our website and in our guide books, but since the contractual parties' opening hours and circumstances on public holidays and at other times during the year may be amended after the customer has purchased the card, Stromma Norge cannot guarantee that all contractual parties will have the opening hours described on the website or in the guidebook.

Stromma Norge does not assume any liability for delays or other problems relating to delivery of the card from the mail service.

11. Special provisions for online purchase

Clause 1 to 10 shall also apply for online purchases. The following additional provisions shall apply for online purchases:

11.1.) The purpose of the website is to sell the Oslo Card instrument.
11.2.) Online purchases can only be completed with a valid credit or charge card.

11.3.) Personal data required for purchases or inquiries, e.g. name, telephone number, fax number or email address, will only be used for the above purposes.

11.4.) You have the right to cancel the purchase of the Oslo Card for up to 14 days calculated from the day after you completed the purchase.

To cancel the purchase, you must contact Stromma Norge via contact@oslocard.com in the cancellation period.

If you cancel the purchase before the expiry of the cancellation period, you must return your Oslo Card to Stromma Norge AS, Akershusstranda 15, 0150 Oslo, within 30 days. Refunds will be made after Stromma Norge has received the returned card.

You must pay for the costs associated with the return of your Oslo Card.

The right of cancellation of the Oslo Card in the cancellation period will lapse if you have activated your Oslo Card.